Almost, but not quite…

Good Lord.

I cannot believe it has almost been a month since my last post.  It feel like it has barely been a day and somehow at the same time like it has been years.

I promise to do posts on our adventures on most of these things but for my own sanity, I would like to give you all a summary of the past four weeks.

The first week of April my lovely wife, R, and I were on vacation in eastern Tennessee.  The area was beautiful, the cabin remote, the drive up to it terrifying.  We had a blast and, of course, bought yarn and fiber for spinning.

The girls were not happy to see us go:

The next week we worked, knit-nighted, etc…

We attended a Memphis Knitting Guild charity event kickoff which was a lot of fun — SO MANY SLIPPERS!  And we celebrated, R’s birthday.

I finally found a great gym in the area with many of the amenities our last gym offered.  So I have finally gotten myself on a decent workout schedule again.

Then we spent a weekend attending the first annual Gathering of the Guilds event in Jackson, TN.  We met many spinners, knitters, weavers, tatters, quilters, and those who participated in any and all combinations of those activities.  There were people there from Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi.  It was a great social event:

We picked up and delivered 900+ lbs. of fresh from the farm butchered beef that R’s parents raised and had butchered this spring.

We also launched the new Memphis Knitting Guild website — quite a nail biter I can assure you.

Last weekend we took our first MKG field trip down to visit the Coldwater Alpaca Ranch in Coldwater, MS and to witness their spring shearing.  After the ranch, we traveled to Oxford, MS for lunch and to visit the Knit1 Oxford yarn shop which the wonderful owner, Patsy, was willing to open just for us on a Sunday.  It is a very cute shop and I would encourage you to stop if you are ever in town.

That, thankfully, brings us to this week.  Monday we had our monthly MKG meeting and I was sick.  Tuesday we had our weekly knit night at Newk’s (we are the Knit S.P.O.T.S. group on Ravelry) and I was sick.  Wednesday I returned to work just in time for our systems to be taken down for maintenance during the rest of this week.

The time came for the Southeastern Men’s Knitting Retreat planning committee to begin work on this year’s retreat so I have begun work on my tasks.

The MKG retreat that we have been planning is finally coming together.  I have found the resort, set the prices, and opened registration on that as of yesterday!

So much has gone on — and now that I see it all in writing it does not look as exhausting as it was… Or maybe it does, I really cannot tell anymore. 🙂

Did I knit? A little bit — the socks are done and will be appearing next week for Ta-Da! Tuesday.  Spin?  Yes a little bit of that too.  I finally finished a present for a friend and she loved it!

I hope you have had a relaxing April and that much knitting has happened!

Knit Happy Everyone!

P.S. – The girls sure are happy to have us home…


Hello All,

It has been a quiet week here on the blog but not at home.  We had family in for a long weekend and I have been feeling rather poorly of late with the spike in allergens — all of which adds up to very little knitting time.

R and I leave town this Easter Sunday for a week long Smoky Mountain cabin vacation.  It should be a great time.  We have both been burning the candle at both ends for quite a while and are looking forward to some quiet down time.  I will post about it after we return — with pictures, I promise.

In the meantime, have a great Good Friday and a wonderful Easter weekend!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

WIP Wednesday #24

Lots of company this past week….      Stop.
No time to knit…    Stop.
Same old socks on the needles — though nearly done….      Stop.
Second single spun on the wheel completed…     Stop.
Ready to ply this afternoon….     Stop.
Wishing you all a Knit-Happy Wednesday…. 

Joining Ginny@SmallThings and TamisAmis for Yarnalong and WIP Wednesday!

Fiber Fever Friday #23

Happy Fiber Fever Friday Everyone!

I am still spinning the Falkland singles from this week’s WIP Wednesday.  I am 3/4 done with the total fiber weight.  I should be able to ply finish the yarn just as soon as my wheel’s new bobbins come in…

However, I would like to show you some beautiful fiber I purchased from a Ravelry de-stash:

This is Hobbledehoy’s 50/50 blend of merino and yak.  The colorway is called ‘Pineapple’.  It is the softest fiber I have ever held and so it naturally holds a place in my core fiber stash.

It serves as an inspiration braid and it will continue to do so until I one day reach the pinnacle of my spinning career and become good enough” to justify spinning this fiber.    😉

I hear this is a common problem for new spinners — but be assured that I am not skimping out on the good stuff.  My lineup of fibers to be spun is a beautiful mixture of rare breed fibers and blends comprised of merino, falklands, wensleydale, and corriedale wools along with alpaca, camel, and silk.

So far it all still fits in a treasure chest, but I think I may exceed those confines today.  Time to find a bigger treasure chest!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Joining Linda@Natural Suburbia for Creative Friday and TamisAmis for Finished Object Friday.
Be sure to check them out to see what they have been working on!