Fiber Fever Friday #22

Happy Friday Everyone!

All day long yesterday I thought it was Wednesday.  What a great surprise at the end of the day to find that today was going to be Friday!

And if it is Friday, then it must be Fiber Fever Friday!

Today’s fiber came to us from .  R and I indulged ourselves to double portions of the yarn and fiber clubs this year.  This is February’s shipment.  The yarn is Lina — a Corriedale and Nylon blend (75%/25%) and the Fiber is 100% Corriedale.

This is some seriously beautiful yarn to work with.  As usual, Spirit-Trail comes through 100%  for me in terms of fiber and color.

If you would like to get your hands on some Spirit-Trail yarn or fiber, please visit their page here.

I hope you all are planning a relaxing, full fiber weekend — I know I am!
Knit Happy Everyone!
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Fiber Fever Friday # 20

Good Morning!

I hope you are all looking forward to the coming weekend!  The weather forecast calls for sunny skies and mid 50’s here in Memphis this weekend, but the Fiber forecast calls for a downpour of good fortune!  
Late last week I spun my first pair of singles (see Fiber Fever Friday # 19) and last weekend, I plied, set and thwacked my first ever 2-ply.  It did turn out to be a bulky weight yarn, but a great bulky weight yarn!  I am very happy with the result — although I do not think I will ever be able to use this yarn.  It is going straight into the core stash!

Not too bad, all in all, for a first hank.
Have a wonderful Knitful weekend everyone!
Joining Linda@Natural Suburbia and Steph@Woolythyme for Creative Friday and TamisAmis for FO Friday.

Fiber Fever Friday #19

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to everyone…

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s project Lexicon photograph — I sure enjoyed that evening.

Well it is Fiber Fever Friday and I thought we would get right to it…

Yesterday I received what can only be described as “a big honkin load of yarn”:

And then last night I sat down at my wheel, for perhaps the third time ever, and spun up some roving…

It is certainly not a great job, but it will make an interesting bulky two-ply…  I am just beginning to learn to spin after my wonderful wife got me my wheel a year ago.  The wheel and I are still learning how to work together.

Well, that is all I have for the moment, folks.  I hope you all have a very relaxing weekend full of fun and fiber.  I plan on staying home all weekend to work on Guild business and that nearly done pair of socks!

Knit Happy Everyone!
Joining Tamisamis and Natural Suburbia for the Friday rounds!

Fiber Fever Friday # 18

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone has plans to stay in, keep warm, and knit the weekend away — especially those of you enduring SNOWMAGEDDON this weekend!  I wish we were getting a snow in Memphis this weekend, but, alas, it is going to be a dreary wet 50 degree weekend.

Oh, well…  It should be a good weekend for baking gingersnaps…

…and for working on the THREE (Count’em !  There are only 3!!!) WIPs I have on the needles right now.  I shall try my very best not to cast on another project this weekend.  Even though I really want to because Stephen West just released the first set of patterns from his new KAL book, “Westies Besties” and also because I have recently acquired this:

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces, Helen’s Lace in the Sand Ridge colorway and it came to me through my LYS during a half price New Year’s sale (I had been looking at this yarn for 9 months but couldn’t justify the $50 per skein price tag).  
It goes with these:

…to make a Shipwreck
So send strong willed vibes my way — I’m not sure I can resist casting this one on much longer…
Knit Happy Everyone!
Please stay safe and warm this weekend…
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Fiber Fever Friday #14

Hello All!  Happy Fiber Fever Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a position to do a FFF, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been finding great deals on all that fibery goodness in the meantime, oh no…

Today’s fibery goodness comes in the form of this:

 A droolworthy table of really great cottons and some merino/cashmere/mohair on the left… All this great cotton I found in late January at that wonderful shop in Macon, GA Creative Yarns for something in the vicinity of 75% off — as you can see I completely loaded up for my spring projects with a wonderful array of pinks, yellows, blues, purples, and that springy accent color – brown.

🙂  That was a really good day 🙂

Knit Happy Everyone!

P.S. – if you’re looking for a Finished Object, check out this week’s Ta-Da! Tuesday post!

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