Eat, Sleep, Spin: Fractal Spin

Hey All!

In January, my good friend C added me to a couple of awesome FB spinning groups.  One of them was Eat, Sleep, Spin which has a guided technique each month. For February, that was fractal spinning.


Fractal spinning is a technique for dyed top in which you split a braid such as this in half vertically.  The first half is spun straight from end to end to make a single.  The second half is divided, again vertically, into several strips (colors oriented the same way) and are spun end to end to end to make a second single.  The two singles are plied together to achieve a beautiful color progression in which every so often both plies are the same color.Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.14.33 PM.png

I already had, in my stash (SEE I can use my stash!), the perfect hand dyed roving.  4.25 oz of beautiful Corriedale combed top dyed by my dear friend C and ordered from her Etsy shop TheHippieHomemaker (shameless plug).


Beautiful isn’t it?



It turned out perfect! 350 yards of Fingering weight heaven.

What do you think?


Fiber Fever Friday # 20

Good Morning!

I hope you are all looking forward to the coming weekend!  The weather forecast calls for sunny skies and mid 50’s here in Memphis this weekend, but the Fiber forecast calls for a downpour of good fortune!  
Late last week I spun my first pair of singles (see Fiber Fever Friday # 19) and last weekend, I plied, set and thwacked my first ever 2-ply.  It did turn out to be a bulky weight yarn, but a great bulky weight yarn!  I am very happy with the result — although I do not think I will ever be able to use this yarn.  It is going straight into the core stash!

Not too bad, all in all, for a first hank.
Have a wonderful Knitful weekend everyone!
Joining Linda@Natural Suburbia and Steph@Woolythyme for Creative Friday and TamisAmis for FO Friday.

Ta-Da! Tuesday #17

A very Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Those of you who have been following have seen today’s Ta-Da! progress slowly since before The Great Move last fall…  It’s been a very fun project and even though the garter stitch bit was a little boring, it was also very relaxing…

I used five skeins for the middle and I very scientifically used up two skeins and then weighed the third.  When I had used exactly half the grams, I changed from increases to decreases and do you know I still feared that I would run out?!  I think I had just a couple yards left when it was all over — and I’m pretty sure I should have had a lot more than that considering I worked a gauge swatch out of the first skein!

Oh well…


The blanket turned out to be 37.5 inches square in the center with an additional 3.5 inches per side with the border (which I changed to work knitted on and with short rows for the corners).

I’m pretty happy with this blanket, although these night-time pictures don’t exactly do it justice.

It feels good to get this one off the needles.  I finished another object last night and I’m hoping to wrap another one up this evening!  It’s like Knitter’s Christmas around here these past two weeks.

Apparently when you cast on a lot of things in a frustrating bout of startitis and then work on them in a constant round-robin fashion they all cascade in completion at the same time!  So here I am working on the remaining WIPs and dreaming of a whole new slew of knits!

Knit Happy Everyone!

Ta-Da! Tuesday #16

Good Morning Everyone!  and Happy Ta-Da! Tuesday…
A couple weeks ago while I was completely overwhelmed by the number of projects I had going. I found myself listless and apathetic and needing to do something fun and quick to try and get my knitting mojo back…
So I dug through the stash and decided on this beautiful Cascade Tuscany Grande – a super bulky, warm, and luxuriantly soft yarn… But what to make?

I had a limited amount of yarn, so it had to be small and delicate…  A baby item seemed a good choice because I enjoy their quick turnaround and immediate gratification.  Finally I chose to design a baby sleep sack…

Ta-Da!  This is Chrysalis.  It is my first pattern, ever, and I’m still working out the kinks, but I expect to post it to Ravelry soon.  Chrysalis features a split in its top 1/3rd—to make getting a baby into it a bit easier – as well as two button-hole columns to adjust the snugness for swaddling.  It also features a super stretchy cast on at the top for a comfortable fit.
This was a lot of fun to make and it certainly gave me my mojo back!  The FO’s are just cascading now…
Come back tomorrow to see and share some WIPs!
As always, Knit Happy Everyone!