Fiber Fever Friday # 20

Good Morning!

I hope you are all looking forward to the coming weekend!  The weather forecast calls for sunny skies and mid 50’s here in Memphis this weekend, but the Fiber forecast calls for a downpour of good fortune!  
Late last week I spun my first pair of singles (see Fiber Fever Friday # 19) and last weekend, I plied, set and thwacked my first ever 2-ply.  It did turn out to be a bulky weight yarn, but a great bulky weight yarn!  I am very happy with the result — although I do not think I will ever be able to use this yarn.  It is going straight into the core stash!

Not too bad, all in all, for a first hank.
Have a wonderful Knitful weekend everyone!
Joining Linda@Natural Suburbia and Steph@Woolythyme for Creative Friday and TamisAmis for FO Friday.

Ta-Da! Tuesday #20

Two Furry Hats…

Back in September, I saw a sample for a Cocoknits pattern and hatched an idea for a Christmas present.  It was a cool hat — good for the chill of winter and it would give me the opportunity to learn “thrumming”.

So, for today’s Ta-Da! Tuesday, we have the Fleeced Earflap Hat (well two of them really):

I made one for a family member and enjoyed it so much I made another for myself.  The yarn in both cases is Malabrigo Rasta (Tip: Knit the medium size to get a large hat in this yarn!).  The thrumming is pure wool dyed brown…  You can find my project in Ravelry here.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Ta-Da! Tuesday #14

Happy Ta-Da! Tuesday Everybody!

My beautiful wife, R, and I have been running a rat race fit for a hampster the past couple of months.  We’ve run and run on this wheel but don’t feel like we are getting anywhere.  Despite the many twists and turns, our view has been the same.  Having never bought a house before, I am not sure if this is a normal feeling to have while you wait on The Others.  Those mysterious people that are supposed to be working for you on the title search and the bank paperwork…  I’m sure they’re doing something.  I don’t know what…  After pestering our realtor for things to do ( I mean, c’mon there has to be some paperwork to fill out!) we’ve been told to relax and decorate.  So here we are, spinning on our wheel and trying to fill our countdown days with work, housework, and playtime.

Usually I’m a rather monogamous (monotonous?) knitter.  I tend to work on one project at a time until it reaches completion and then I start a new one.  To be honest this is probably a result more of my own procrastination than of anything else (I mean a baby takes 9 months to make right?  Am I the only one that does 90% of the knitting the last week or two before a due date?)…  I’ve been trying to complete a commissioned work for a while now and although I’m making good progress on it, it has been a slow go.  I started right before our big move and have had to steal time away to work on it for months.

Well, this past weekend I was itching for a small project that I could finish in a short time with big results.  You know, to boost my Knitter’s self esteem…  After burrowing in the Stash, I came up for air grasping a plastic Ziploc bag containing three beautiful skeins of discontinued Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.  A quick query on Ravelry easily produced a perfect pattern for my needs — all but scoffing at the menial task I asked of it.

After that how could I not justify a quick affair with a beautiful, new and exciting project?  Besides, who had to know?

Well, here’s the result:

The pattern is called Baby Yoda Sweater, although it’s really more of a wrap/kimono than anything.  These photos were taken before the I-Cords were added and the blocking took place.  But it is a beautiful little sweater.  It’s also the first thing I’ve been able to make for the Etsy store and you can find it here.

It was a lot of fun to make and the finishing went really well.  After reading Deborah Newton’s Finishing School I’ve been putting a lot more thought into the way I might finish an item before it’s done and I have to tackle the task.  I must say it really payed off!

We’re heading home to visit with friends and family one weekend soon and I hope to meet with my first commission customer and talk a bit about what she wants in the other three item sets.

Well that’s it for now.  Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing and what you’re working on!

Knit Happy Everyone!

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Tuesday Ta-Da! Day #13

Good morning and Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Superwife, Sasha (the dog), Houdini (the cat) and I are all settled into our new dwelling in Cordova, TN — a Memphis suburb.  We are finally returning to a sense of normalcy even though we are a house divided (between apartment and storage unit).

The house-hunt is going pretty well and we have found two that have great potential for us, so we shall see about them in due time.

I have finally unpacked and settled into something of a knitting routine again and it has been a great relief to return to something of a schedule.  On that note, and since it is Tuesday Ta-Da! day,  I give you the Dapperly Dashing hat from Ravelry:

This being the first of the three that were commissioned before we began our move.  The pattern, although not displayed well in this photograph, is a fun and easy pattern to work on — especially in the round.

The companion piece, the Dapperly Dashing Scarf, is in progress now…

Also, I would like to mention that January is National Hot Tea month so in this, the dead of winter, you have every reason to put the kettle on!  There are 31 ways to celebrate hot tea this month and they can each be found here: Ways to Celebrate Hot Tea Month

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Ta-Da! #12…. on hold.

Hey All,

Well, I’m officially on hold.  As in my life, projects, and all my things are in a state of suspension around the house.  We’ve almost completely packed the non-essentials and are down to the truly essential pieces now.  With 8 days to go until we load the truck.  We’re down to the single digits and isn’t that scary?

My poor blanket, was put on hold as it was packed with the rest of my stash:

Ah, well, it’ll re-surface, hopefully in the near future and not much later as an UFO (un-finished object), as Woolythyme refers to them…

In the mean time, since I can’t be without anything to work on, and even though I have virtually no time in which to knit, I’ve cast on the first of the 8 commissioned works that I need to complete.  It is, or will be, a very nice charcoal grey hat for a gentlemen.  The pattern is from the Dapperly Dashing Scarf & Hat combo on Ravelry…

Pictures tomorrow for WIP Wednesday, I promise…  In the meantime, feel my pain (or at least Sasha’s) would you?

The bookcases are all as empty as the one for my cookbooks here (so no food comforts):

The exercise equipment has been dismantled for the move and buried in kitchen boxes (so no endorphin comforts):

and, perhaps worst of all, my neat and orderly garage has been metamorphosing into box mountain:

Sasha has never moved before and is clearly unhappy about the entire situation:

Oh well, this will all work itself out and for the better… eventually.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Join me tomorrow for Work-In-Progress Wednesday!