3 years forward, 3 years back

So, back in July this blog was hacked and a couple posts were compromised.  I moved the blog from a self hosted site back to WordPress.com and hoped that the compromise had only affected the database, not the posts themselves.  In August I realized that multiple posts were still affected.

This compromise was in no way dangerous to my dear readers, just played anarchy with my directional links.  (I.e. you click post A, but post G displays, etc…)

So, I put the full stop on.  I had WordPress.com delete my entire site’s content and re-imported the last good backup I had of the blog which was from 2013 when I first moved to the self hosted site.

I lost several posts, but that’s okay. We’ll move forward from here together okay?  There are lots of great and exciting things happening in our lives right now and I can’t wait to begin sharing them again…


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