Fiber Fever Friday #24

Happy Fiber Fever Friday everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, we have had a lot going on… And it has not stopped.

Tomorrow we travel to Central Arkansas for a lecture by the Yarn Harlot! — …and then we pick up 4 rescue schnauzers for transport to Memphis — one of which we will keep and foster.

Although early last month I finished those boot socks (Hooray!) and also my first fingering weight two ply yarn (see below), the last two months have been, more or less, knit free.  Seriously.  Since April 7th, I have knit 2.5 rows of a cowl.  That is all.

I have not been spinning either.  I really wish that I had, but… no.

The truth is that I have thrown myself into a new schedule to accommodate daily workouts at the gym before work each day.  So I have been getting up at 5 am, working out until 7:30 and then working until about 4 pm.  By the time I get home, settle the animals down and make dinner, R is home.  We eat, clean up and I have time to do some gym laundry before going to bed at 9 pm.  And then repeat, repeat, repeat…

There are weekends of course, but I can’t remember the last one that we had free.  Too many errands, Guild events/work/meetings, house chores, etc…

So I have really only had time to knit at our regular Tuesday night Knit-night.  In the last four of those, I have knit a total of 2.5 rows on a new cowl.  The rest of the time I have been helping other knitters with their knitting issues (2 socks on 2 circs, crazy bad pattern directions, etc…) — which is fine — I don’t mind doing it — but it does not make for a productive knit-night for me.


Even when I have a few minutes at home, I find myself filled with a restless energy that will not subside until I go to bed each night.  Although this particular demon sleeps, it does not knit or find knitting soothing.

I don’t know where it is, but I have lost my fiber mojo.  If you see it, let me know.

For now, it is Fiber Fever Friday and I want to show you the result of all that hard spinning work I mentioned above:

This is 100% Polwarth fiber dyed by Spirit-trail Fiberworks in the colorway Beach Glass.
As a two ply:

In the end, I got about 440 yards out of the 4 ounces that I spun…  I sent this to my best friend — the one that taught me to knit and I hope she enjoys knitting with it!

Take it easy people and, as always, Knit Happy!

Joining Linda@Natural Suburbia for Creative Friday and TamisAmis for Finished Object Friday.
Be sure to check them out to see what they have been working on!

6 thoughts on “Fiber Fever Friday #24

  1. Thank you for working with a rescue organization and fostering dogs until they are placed in their forever homes. I foster Brittanys through ABR; it's a wonderful feeling to make such a big difference in a little doggie's life.

    I'm also a knitter and spinner and enjoy your blog.


  2. Thank you! We have loved giving back through the Schnauzer Love Rescue society… Sometimes I can't believe how people treat these wonderful dogs and they come to us scared and matted — but then in a month or two they leave happy, healthy, and — at least somewhat — better adjusted. It's so rewarding.

    Thanks for stopping in!


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