WIP Wednesday #21

I love test knitting.

I really do, I love it.  I love that little thrill you get when you slide in just before the sign up closes and the next one when you receive a pattern long before it is available to everyone else in the world.  You get another when your project is on the first page of FOs for the pattern when it goes live (sometimes viral) on Ravelry…  It is a roller coaster of highs…

and then sometimes there are a few low points.

My WIP from last Wednesday is again my WIP this week.  The socks (remember those socks?) have been on the back burner ever since I signed up to knit a wonderful cowl pattern by Mamma4Earth on Ravelry.

I was just about to finish the cowl’s third repeat (of four) from the pattern when I realized I would run out of yarn.  This was due to a very small error in the pattern.  It was quickly remedied in the pattern and sent back out.  In the meantime I was able to complete the original knit as written in three complete repeats.  I took photos and sent them in and planned to leave the FO alone.

… but it kept staring at me.  This project was the perfect combination of pattern and yarn and I just could not leave it in an imperfect state.  I frogged it, rewound the yarn, and cast it on again 🙂  With a little math I realized I could finish all four repeats of the new version of the pattern — within the 210 yards of yarn I had — if I cut back to 160 stitches from 200 and knit it on a US size 6 needle instead of a size 8.

It was, and continues to be, a crazy fun knit.  I want to thank Mamma4Earth and Carle’, her trusty test knit coordinator, for the opportunity to be among the first.  Because, as I said before, I LOVE it!

What are you working on?  Please leave a comment and share it with us!

Knit Happy Everybody!
Joining TamisAmis Ginny@SmallThings, Linda@Natural Suburbia, and Step@Woolythyme for the Wednesday rounds.  Be sure to check out the great things that they are working on…

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #21

  1. Holy Moses that's one of the nicest cowls I've seen. I've been looking for a cowl project with this giant malabrigo skein I've got hanging around… tho I do wish we had greater uses for gigantic cowls here in the Bay Area.

    Maybe I need a trip to the mountains and snow! Happy knitting!

    Angela @ Knit Luck


  2. Hi Joseph,
    Your cowl is so beautiful!! Thank you very much for taking part in my test knit, it has been exciting and a lot of fun and I hope you will sign up again for future test knits:)
    Kind regards


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