Ta-Da! Tuesday #17

A very Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Those of you who have been following have seen today’s Ta-Da! progress slowly since before The Great Move last fall…  It’s been a very fun project and even though the garter stitch bit was a little boring, it was also very relaxing…

I used five skeins for the middle and I very scientifically used up two skeins and then weighed the third.  When I had used exactly half the grams, I changed from increases to decreases and do you know I still feared that I would run out?!  I think I had just a couple yards left when it was all over — and I’m pretty sure I should have had a lot more than that considering I worked a gauge swatch out of the first skein!

Oh well…


The blanket turned out to be 37.5 inches square in the center with an additional 3.5 inches per side with the border (which I changed to work knitted on and with short rows for the corners).

I’m pretty happy with this blanket, although these night-time pictures don’t exactly do it justice.

It feels good to get this one off the needles.  I finished another object last night and I’m hoping to wrap another one up this evening!  It’s like Knitter’s Christmas around here these past two weeks.

Apparently when you cast on a lot of things in a frustrating bout of startitis and then work on them in a constant round-robin fashion they all cascade in completion at the same time!  So here I am working on the remaining WIPs and dreaming of a whole new slew of knits!

Knit Happy Everyone!

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