Ta-Da! Tuesday #16

Good Morning Everyone!  and Happy Ta-Da! Tuesday…
A couple weeks ago while I was completely overwhelmed by the number of projects I had going. I found myself listless and apathetic and needing to do something fun and quick to try and get my knitting mojo back…
So I dug through the stash and decided on this beautiful Cascade Tuscany Grande – a super bulky, warm, and luxuriantly soft yarn… But what to make?

I had a limited amount of yarn, so it had to be small and delicate…  A baby item seemed a good choice because I enjoy their quick turnaround and immediate gratification.  Finally I chose to design a baby sleep sack…

Ta-Da!  This is Chrysalis.  It is my first pattern, ever, and I’m still working out the kinks, but I expect to post it to Ravelry soon.  Chrysalis features a split in its top 1/3rd—to make getting a baby into it a bit easier – as well as two button-hole columns to adjust the snugness for swaddling.  It also features a super stretchy cast on at the top for a comfortable fit.
This was a lot of fun to make and it certainly gave me my mojo back!  The FO’s are just cascading now…
Come back tomorrow to see and share some WIPs!
As always, Knit Happy Everyone!

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