Back on the Wagon, and My Weekend…

I want to start this post by thanking several of you for the congratulations on the new job…  I appreciate your interest and well-wishes!
The new job is going really well and I’m enjoying the transition to no end.  I am working with great people and this new company treats its employees as the most valuable resource they have.  It is quite a change from the environment I recently left and I am still attempting to shake that uncertain feeling I lived with for so long.
There are a lot of great things to write about and I am keeping a list so I won’t forget to share any. So those are coming up but I wanted to share our weekend with everyone this morning…
Superwife ran home overnight on Friday to pick up a meat order from her parent’s recent processing while I stayed home and tried desperately to keep our poor grass alive…  In this 100+ degree heat, our plants are faring poorly.

I also celebrated a close friend’s birthday Friday night:

On Saturday, I spent some time knitting with a wonderful group of people at our new favorite LYS, Hank of Yarn.  Hank, the proprietor, has a comfortable store with lots of space to sit and knit (and visit). It’s a lot of fun and I’ll write about that later in a separate post…
We spent some time setting up our new patio and Grill on Sunday…

While the girls played themselves silly and beat the heat by napping near a vent…

Lots of Ta-Da! Tuesdays coming up so be sure to check back tomorrow!

Until then, Knit Happy Everyone!

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