Fiber Fever Friday #13

Good Friday Everyone!

I hope that as this day starts you are all happy and looking forward to a long weekend of rest and relaxation (and maybe even a sinful amount of duty abandoning knitting)…

Before any of you are up this morning my day will have started.  Superwife surprised me this past Christmas morning with a big BIG  BIG present and today we are setting out really early to pick it up… in Atlanta.  My beautiful, thoughtful, and sneaky wife has given me a Mach spinning wheel by Spinolutions!  In fact, she’s giving me this spinning wheel:

It is coming to me through my new friend Doug, who lives in Atlanta…

The specs on this thing are amazing.  I’ve even seen a video in which they demonstrate how well balanced this machine is by getting it going and then walking away — leaving the wheel to spin on its own for a full 4 minutes… Incredible.

So rather than sharing fiber that I’ve purchased, I’ll soon be able to turn Fiber Fever Friday into something more personal and hard-won!

But just in case you are one of the faithful who has shown up today just to see a picture of a beautiful hank of yarn, this one’s for you:

This is another Christmas present from a very thoughtful and inspiring friend of mine with lots and lots of spark!  It’s a beautiful and extremely soft alpaca blend by Suss Yarn.  I don’t yet know what to do with it… any ideas?

Thank you all for stopping by to check in with me and mine today.

Have a wonderful Friday and a knitful weekend!

One thought on “Fiber Fever Friday #13

  1. You are a very lucky man to have such a lovely wife to give you a wheel! I have been seriously thinking of spinning but I'm not quite ready yet. I will have to remember this post so I can look at the wheel at some point. Does your friend have a shop? I'm not far from Atlanta and would love to make the trip down to see it in action!


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