Approaching Normalcy

Hello again,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that it was warm and relaxed and loads and loads of that to which everyone on the planet aspires — la dolce vita.

This morning I’m just taking a breath and looking back on what I missed in my personal blogosphere during our transitional upheaval.  As usual, Steph at Woolythyme seems to have had all her ducks in a row for the holidays and plenty of time to enjoy herself — Steph, your holiday season looked just beautiful!  At the same time, another Steph (this time of Yarn Harlot fame) was enjoying another brace of mindful quackers as she kicked into high gear for the holidays — check out her pictures they’re stunning and will make you wish that your life looked like that (although she says that house is her mothers 😉 — and her get-it-togetherness this year even managed to umbrella out to cover those giving gifts for knitters!  Very impressive.  Of course, she really knows what to tell them, you know?  Ah well, I wish the best for both of them and I hope that this past holiday season was their normal and that it was as fun and rewarding as it looks from the blogosphere.

My little family and I begin week 4 of our move (this holiday right in the middle of it thing is really stretching this out) but, thankfully, this week we begin the trek back to normalcy.  The Holidays are over and we have a new home to settle into.  I’ll continue working from the family home in Arkansas for the next few days, but SuperWife has begun her new Navy job in the Memphis area this morning and will be setting up the required utilities so that the pets and I can transfer to our new home this week.

This week we move home.

This week we can begin a routine after which I can start knitting again!

Wish us luck!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

One thought on “Approaching Normalcy

  1. settled in?? at least the weather is cooperating–when we made our move to Kentucky from New York (about this time of year), we moved in an ice storm. Believe me, that was a drag.
    will be anxious to hear all about the new place!


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