Ta-Da Tuesday #11

Happy belated Thanksgiving Everyone!

I’ve been trying to write this Ta-Da! Tuesday post all day today with very little success…

Anyway, now that the move to Memphis is pressing in on us — and two of my larger projects with work are coming to a head here in the first week of December, I’ve been busier than ever.  My wonderful stash and needles — those that aren’t currently married to a project — have all been packed up in two large trunks, a storage footrest in the living room, and a 3 drawer rolly cart thing in the closet.

So far the office and the one and a half bedrooms have been packed up.  We’ve gotten through the most time-consuming part of house ( the office) and are feeling a bit better now that we’re on to things that pretty much just have to end up in a box somewhere.  We’ll keep stray donate and toss boxes around the house but we’re pretty much done with that…

Anyway, is this a Ta-Da! Tuesday or what?

This past weekend, SuperWife and I turned this beautifully blue colored office from this:

back into this:

I’m not a big fan of the institutional beige color that seemingly all rental places come in and since I work from home, the blue in the office was totally worth it.

Anyway, we’re getting through it all!  Can’t wait to get this circus moved and set back up…

Speaking of circuses — The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was really a great book.  Add it to your Christmas wishlist if you haven’t already read it!

What are you working on in your fiber time these days?  
Leave a comment and keep me in the loop!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

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