Retreat Tuesday!

Hey All!  It’s been a whirlwind the last 7 days with lots of driving, lots of work, and a TON of fun!

Since last week’s Ta-Da! Tuesday, I’ve worked hard on the days I’ve worked but I also had a 4 day weekend in there so it wasn’t too bad 😉

This is a long post so bear with me!

On Friday, I left the house at 5 am to drive just north of Greenville, SC to the Asbury Hills Retreat Center for the First Annual South East Men’s Knitting Retreat (SEMKR)!  We had about 20 guys gathered together for this first time event and we had a blast!

The retreat center was beautiful, the food was good basic Southern fare, the weather was wonderful  and still the company out-shined everything else combined.  We really did have the best time and the only complaint was that it was too short…

We had a fiber dyeing class:


and a Socks-from-the-Toe-Up class:

and a Fair Isle class:

and a Twined Knitting class:

         (I’m pretty sure I could smell burning toast during that complicated exercise… lol)

and last, but not least, we took a field trip to a beautiful Alpaca farm and fiber mill in Inman, SC:

  Remember on cartoons when a hungry character sees a bird as a walking roast chicken?  
I swear all I saw were skeins of hand-spun yarn when I looked at this guy!

Then it was just an 8 hour drive back on Sunday… Returning to work on Monday was difficult — apparently programming isn’t really my calling 😉  Although I hear retreat withdrawal is a real thing and that fondling one’s fibery S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get) helps… lol.
Speaking of SWAG, come back tomorrow for a post on all the amazing things donated by the retreat sponsors!  It’s a mound of riches, let me tell you….
Happy Knitting Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Retreat Tuesday!

  1. The only bad part about a retreat is–you start counting the days til the next one!!! ADDICTIVE!!! So glad you had such a good time. Some of my lifelong friends I've met at knitting things! Can't wait to see the new loot!


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