Fiber Fever Friday #7

Hi all, I know my posts have been rather concise lately but there’s been a lot going on.  No big reveal until we have some finalized dates on our plans but let’s just say it’s been hectic and seriously cutting into the project time.  Ah, well…

So, it’s Fiber Fever Friday and I have some beautiful fiber to share today:

It’s Andes by Debbie Bliss — an Alpaca and Mulberry Silk blend.  These beauties were an amazing find at Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg at 80% off.  Obviously, I grabbed all I could — exhibiting the only negative characteristic of the fiber obsessed — pure fiber greed… 🙂

No plans for it as of yet, I only have 400 meters and it’s going to have to be something really awesome…  Maybe a scarf with a green and white cable?  I dunno… Any ideas?

The Night Circus continues to be an amazing read, or listen rather, and it’s hard to turn off — keeping me up late into the night for just a little bit more.  I love books like that.  I’m contemplating a Night Circus inspired shawl pattern — it would be my first.  I’ll have to think on it some more but the inspiration is certainly there.

Finally, only 7 days until the first annual South East Men’s Knitting Retreat!  Dunno if I’m leaving Thursday evening or really early Friday morning for the 8 hour drive.  Perhaps I’ll move Fiber Fever Friday to Thursday next week…

Have a great weekend all!  Knit Happy!

2 thoughts on “Fiber Fever Friday #7

  1. wow! you really scored big with that yarn! It's gorgeous. Makes me sad that I'm on a yarn diet (as declared in writing in blogland–bummer.)

    I'll be gone while you're at the retreat–have a great time! Will you be taking classes, or is it just knit time?


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