WIP Wednesday # 7

Hello all! I don’t know why knitting and reading/audiobooks always seem to pair together so well, but every knitter I know enjoys reading — whether books or audiobooks — while they work on their WIPs.  In Ginny’s posts at Small Things she often has a book next to her knitting and gives suggestions when she comes across something interesting.  Steph at Woolythyme is an avid reader as well and she and I have discussed recent works that we each think the other might enjoy — coming across several new authors and stories to investigate!

These days I’m still trying desperately to carve out enough time to finish this garter stitch baby blanket.  It’s a beautiful color and a wonderful yarn, I’m just extremely busy with work and life plans these days.  Although the work is progressing slowly, the reading and knitting queues are growing without regard to this recent slow down — especially in the face of the upcoming holiday season! November has come way too early this year…

So anyway, I’ve just started listening to The Night Circus written by Erin Morgenstern and read by Jim Dale — who brought us the wonderful reading of the Harry Potter series.  So far it’s very good with a rich and luxuriant attention to detail.  So far, it’s a beautiful and compelling read.

The blanket is staring at me right now from across the room.  Radiating insinuations of guilt at me for abandoning it long enough to write this post….

On that note, I’ll head downstairs to make myself a cup of holiday tea and settle back in for some comfortable knitting…

Happy November Everybody!
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7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday # 7

  1. Love the color of the blanket. I can crochet with my eyes closed but since I am new to knitting I have to keep my eyes on my project so reading is out : ) At least for now and no audiobooks around here : (


  2. Night Circus is on my to read list…just waiting for the library to get it in. I've never listened to a book on tape…I think I might find it difficult to pay attention.

    I love the minty green blanket 😀


  3. I dunno… It's a sneaky month. It creeps up on you and then WHAM it hits you with a double combo — obliging you to be thankful for everything while simultaneously hitting you with the realization that your year is already over… The last six weeks lost in a dizzying flurry of holiday madness!


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