Ta-Da! Tuesday #4

Well, we arrived home in Arkansas on Thursday night as planned — unfortunately our luggage did not so we stayed the night in Little Rock to wait on it.  No internet, no Fiber Fever Friday post — sorry about that. It’ll definitely appear this Friday, however…

Now, on to Ta-Da! Tuesday.  I’ve been writing about this wedding afghan for months as I have worked on it in my free time.  My best friend was married Saturday, October 10th and was ecstatic to receive this beautiful afghan!  Now that I don’t need to surprise her with it anymore, I can finally post pictures!  So without further delay, please enjoy the ‘Floral Water Lily’ afghan in worsted cream, blue, green and purple:


Superwife and I worked on this item for several months when we had some time together.  I made the blanket and she did the beautiful cross stitching on the finished panels.  I’m so happy to have this done and gifted — what a relief.
I’ve already cast on the next project, but I’ll share it tomorrow on WIP Wednesday!  So far there has been lots of project time on this vacation and it has been wonderful…
Happy Knitting Everyone!


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