Ta-Da! Tuesday #3

For this week’s Ta-Da! Tuesday, we have a completed Bouncing Baby Set hat… Look how cute it is!  The hat is actually knit flat and then through the some magic origami, it is is stitched together to make the cutest baby hat ever.  As promised in last week’s WIP Wednesday, photos for the process are below:

This is the completed item… we’re going to seam up the two ends and all adjacent sides (those at the top of the photo)…

Seam the two ends together (along the bottom) and then the adjacent edges that run along the left in this photo:

The adjacent edge seams appear as the bottom two edges in this photo (the seam for the two ends of the flat piece appear in the middle of the item here):

 Finally, all of the seamings appear here (the ends seaming running up the middle, and the three edge seams at the top…):

Turn the hat inside out and you have this:

 All that’s left is to finish the piece with some cords and a couple really cute buttons:

Together with the completed booties it makes for a nice set:

In a my last post (Fiber Fever Friday) there was a picture of a WIP that I thought would miss out on WIP Wednesday this week… So, instead, here it is on Ta-Da! Tuesday… It’s the Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug in ArtYarns Supermerino in color 130 (whimsical color name don’t you think?):


I’m currently adapting a pattern for some booties that will go with this shrug and I just finished the wedding afghan that I was working on last night (check out next week’s Ta-Da! Tuesday) so unfortunately I don’t have anything going right now

 Check back for WIP Wednesday tomorrow — hopefully I’ll have something started…

Happy Knitting!
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