Work Update

Well, this past holiday weekend was wonderful. I flew to Atlanta and traveled to Byron, GA to spend the weekend visiting with a close friend who also enjoys knitting (she is The Hippie Homemaker — link on right). We spent the weekend cooking, playing with her new baby, seeking out and buying lots of yarn and, of course, working on our fiber arts projects. My friend, C, makes wonderful and beautiful knitted hats.

For my part, I managed to finish the second of 4 panels for the wedding afghan I need to complete by October 8th… This is going to be a beautiful blanket. With all the new yarn, however, I am struggling to suppress a bout of startitis. All these wonderful yarns just beg to be cast on. I have been able to suppress this desire for the time being since I am on a deadline for the blanket. Has anyone not had this problem?

Aside from my 4 day stitch-and-b!tch (which really was great) I have to mention the other highlight of the weekend. We visited the local yarn store in Macon, GA, Creative Yarns, and it has got to be the largest, most beautiful, and best stocked LYS that I have ever been to. If you are ever in the area of Macon, GA make sure this store is on your must-do list!


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