A Letter to Father Time and Mother Nature…

Dear Sir and Madam,

It occurs to me that in my prayers for time to knit and crochet, I may have left out a few qualifiers…

Although I have been extremely busy, and have not had or made enough time to knit or crochet in the past few weeks despite my desperate desire to wrap up the two current projects I have going — I do not wish for you both to work together to give me time away from my work.

I owe you both a great thanks for your efforts to free me from the bonds of my lowly programmer existence, but I should point out that it would be more convenient if my time to knit or crochet occurred more as vacation time or in the discovery of a few free hours here or there and less as the result of a myriad of natural disasters.

Although I would most assuredly get some work on said projects accomplished if I was ousted from my house due to the rampant wildfires in the Great Dismal Swamp as they near my house and literally consume my ability to work from home, it’s not really necessary to take my request this far.

And even if it’s possible I would be freed from work for a few days if you razed the Richmond office to the ground in this week’s recent, and unusual, earthquake — I would make the point again that I work from home and the corporate office probably wouldn’t care.

Finally, I can assure you that whilst I am preparing my home for the onslaught of this week’s hurricane — I am most assuredly not knitting or crocheting.

Therefore, I submit to you my formal retraction for prayers of project time. Let’s leave the time management up to fate for next week and see how it goes…

All the best,



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