Things are moving quickly…

Well, everything is moving quickly this week.  I’ve got the blog set up to my current satisfaction as well as the facebook, flickr and twitter accounts.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to attend an art retreat so this week I decided this week to attend the first annual South East Men’s Knitting Retreat (SEMKR).  I’m excited about learning several new things and visiting a fiber farm to see how yarn is made!  I have been trying to distribute the flyers to any local establishment I know of that will post them — today I’m taking flyers to Michaels and the local library.  I want to thank the Williamsburg Va yarn store Knitting Sisters for their generous support of the retreat as well as the work of SmallTownKnitGuy who is coordinating the entire thing (go Rusty!)…

I am still working on the two blankets and they’re coming along but not as quickly as I had hoped.  I have plans to finish the baby blanket this weekend, so I’ll try to get pictures of that up as soon as it’s completed.

I received some extremely soft and washable yarn in a Cashmere Merino blend this week and I am looking forward to creating some things for the elite baby line in the Etsy store soon.  I’m looking to start the store off slowly with a few finished garments that can be commissioned in various colors (baby blankets, baby cardigans, baby hats, mittens and booties).  I’m eventually hoping that it will grow into a larger effort with a wider assortment of finished objects available on the site.

I’ll try this weekend to figure out a way to pull in the Ravelry account’s works in progress (WIPs).

Everybody have a relaxing weekend!



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