WIP Wednesday #19

Hey Everyone,

I am joining Steph@Woolythyme , Ginny@Small Things , and TamisAmis for Yarn Along / WIP Wednesday today.  Please check out their blogs — they are great bloggers and prolific crafters to be sure…  I love sharing their links, but please do not come back and compare my photography to Ginny’s — she’s an excellent photographer.
First, I would like to mention that my friend Steph has lost her knitting mojo.   If you see it, please contact her at Woolthyme so that she may retrieve it.  :)
It is WIP Wednesday, so let’s talk about socks.  I am still diligently working through my pair of boot socks.  The leg is complete and the heel is turned.  I am down to the arch of the foot on both socks and expect to finish them any day now.

On the literary front, I am still listening to Thunderhead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  The book is a great story about an archaeologist’s desperate search for her father, closure, and fame while leading an expedition through a cursed Anasazi Indian tribe’s “holy land”.  It is a very compelling read, or listen as the case may be.

Well, it is mid February already.  To be honest I am not quite sure I was even aware we had rolled on in to February.  This is a good thing, as this month is my least favorite of the entire year.  Luckily for me, it is also the shortest.  True to form, it has been a dark, dank, dreary, month with a roller coaster of temperature changes and very little to look forward to.  Lots of … gray…

Roxie agrees with me…

:)  Oh well.  It has also been a good month for yarn and knitting. I have spent inordinate amounts of time on Ravelry lately.  I believe that Cascade 220 Sport Wool yarn and Stephen West are working together with Clara Parkes to get me through the winter blues…

[Picture courtesy of Stephen West’s Westy’s Besties Kal.  Taken by Jared Flood]

If you haven’t discovered it yet, Stephen West is doing a new KAL.  Well, it is called a KAL but it is really more of a KAL booklet consisting of 12 patterns released over 5 weeks.  Westies Besties is the name and you can check it out here.  The patterns released so far have been true to the Westknits MO — they are fun to knit and handsome, bordering on manly, in example color selection and stitch patterning.  I am itching to get started on some of the patterns and have already ordered a treasure trove of Cascade 220 Sport do them in.  The photography is also worth mentioning.  Jared Flood photographed most of the items for Stephen in Iceland and so the scenery is as stunning as the patterns…

Clara Parkes is well underway with The Great White Bale — an adventure she is sharing with Bale members as she and they explore the creation of yarn on a small industrial scale.  Every two weeks we get a peek into the progress she is making as she has a 676 pound bale of excellent wool fiber milled, spun, and dyed.  Later in the process, explorer members like myself, will each get to test the different versions of the spun yarn and provide feedback on the pros and cons of each form of processing.  It is a fantastic and educational exercise in creating yarn!  Although the Explorer memberships have all been bought, there are still armchair memberships available if you would like to join us in following the process of making yarn!  You can check that out: here.

Well, that is all that I currently have in the works… 
Let me know what you are working on!  Leave a comment below…
Happy Knitting Everyone!

Ta-Da Tuesday #11

I’ve been trying to write this Ta-Da! Tuesday post all day today with very little success…

Anyway, now that the move to Memphis is pressing in on us — and two of my larger projects with work are coming to a head here in the first week of December, I’ve been busier than ever.  My wonderful stash and needles — those that aren’t currently married to a project — have all been packed up in two large trunks, a storage footrest in the living room, and a 3 drawer rolly cart thing in the closet.

So far the office and the one and a half bedrooms have been packed up.  We’ve gotten through the most time-consuming part of house ( the office) and are feeling a bit better now that we’re on to things that pretty much just have to end up in a box somewhere.  We’ll keep stray donate and toss boxes around the house but we’re pretty much done with that…

Anyway, is this a Ta-Da! Tuesday or what?

This past weekend, SuperWife and I turned this beautifully blue colored office from this:

back into this:

I’m not a big fan of the institutional beige color that seemingly all rental places come in and since I work from home, the blue in the office was totally worth it.

Anyway, we’re getting through it all!  Can’t wait to get this circus moved and set back up…
Speaking of circuses — The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was really a great book.  Add it to your Christmas wishlist if you haven’t already read it!

What are you working on in your fiber time these days?
Leave a comment and keep me in the loop!
Happy Knitting Everyone!

WIP Wednesday #25 ~ Egeblad

Happy WIP Wednesday Everyone!

Each Wednesday I, and many others, share what’s on our minds and in our hands.  For me, this is usually a book and some knitting.  For you, it could be a movie, problem, or news item and some knitting, crocheting, spinning, or weaving.  You are invited to join in on the fun!  So whether you WIP Wednesday or you Yarn Along — write a post or publish a photo on the web and link to it below.

I’m so glad you came!


My brother’s wedding is coming up in September.  R and I have been charged with gifting the bride and groom with some heirloom patterned doilies to be used in the table centerpieces at the reception.


Egeblad [image from pattern website]

For my contribution, I have chosen to knit Egeblad designed by Christine Duchow.  The yarn is a standard workhorse crochet thread in a size 10 and the doily is being worked on two Size 0 circulars.  I am nearly done — just about 20 rows to go now…

One of my favorite authors, Diane Mott Davidson, has a new Goldy Schulz book coming out this month.  In preparation, I have been re-reading/listening to the previous novels — just so I can catch back up on where the culinary sleuth is at — and I have been enjoying them very much…

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 What are you working on?

Joining Ginny @ SmallThings for Yarn Along and TamisAmis for WIP Wednesday!

Ta-Da! Tuesday and WIP Wednesday # 23

Hello all!

Well, we sprung forward last weekend.  Yes, it is the time of year again when we change our time to “save” daylight.  I do not mind falling backwards but springing forward always throws me off my game for a week or two.  It is hard to sleep, and my internal clock is all wonky — leaving me rather…. disagreeable.

However, I have had time to complete the Stained Glass Seaglass Cowl – a pattern recently released by Linda Dawkins aka Mamma4Earth on Ravelry.  It is a wonderful knit, was a great test-knitting experience, and I hope you will take a look at it…

That would be this week’s Ta-Da!

I am now back on the boot socks.  They are, as I noted before, nearly completed.  At about 80%, I think they can be completed soon.

I am still spinning the fiber from last week.  I have spun up 50% of it already and I cannot wait to ply it!

Let me know what you are currently working on!

Happy WIP Wednesday Everyone!

Joining Steph@WoolythymeGinny@SmallThings, Linda@NaturalSuburbia, and TamisAmis for Yarnalong and WIP Wednesday!

Oh yeah!  I would like to introduce you to Cash, our latest Foster Schnauzer:

WIP Wednesday #22

Happy WIP Wednesday Everyone!

What is it about March?  In particular, what is it about March 7th?  In my own inner circle of friends and family members (which is a small group I can assure you) there are three people who were all born on March 7th.

Are there that many people born on March 7th?  Is there a special mid-summer day of amore that I have not yet been married long enough to know about that is producing an odd number of March 7th babies?  Is roughly 30% of the population really born on this day?

I am telling you now, if the zombie apocalypse ever begins — it will happen on March 7th.  Reader beware…

So I am busy like a beaver trying to get birthdays handled and celebrated — so my two WIPs are on a short hold.  I am about 75% done with the re-knit of last week’s cowl and I am also 75% done with those grey and brown boot socks.  I am working to finish both of those this week / weekend.

In the meantime, I have been spoiling myself on the spinning wheel.  I have been working my way through Spinning Dyed Fibers with Felicia Lo on the Craftsy site.  It is a wonderful class and she is a very fine teacher.  I am learning a lot and practicing those techniques in my spare moments at home.

This is where today’s WIP comes from:

This is me spinning a Falklands Combed Top hand dyed for me by the infinitely talented owner and operator of Spirit Trail Fiberworks.

I am really enjoying spinning.  It is so unbelievably gratifying to make my very own yarn.  My only regret is that I did not get started doing this sooner.

All things in their own time I guess… Apparently my right time was not until now.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday and that your WIPs are flying off the needles at rates unprecedented!  I am sending you all good knitting vibes today!

Happy Knitting Everyone!
P.S. — Be sure to read my special guest post from yesterday’s Ta-Da! Tuesday

Joining Steph@Woolythyme, Ginny@SmallThings, and TamisAmis for Yarnalong and WIP Wednesday!